After Sebald

The writer W.G. Sebald came into my life in about 2000. His work immediately gripped me and, after having read all his books, I was completely fascinated. Rereading, I felt the urge to start working with what I had assimilated.

Years ago, in the seventies and eighties, I had felt equally compelled after reading Franz Kafka and Witold Gombrowicz, resulting in many graphic works, drawings and paintings. I also produced a bibliophile folder of text fragments based on poetry by Wallace Stevens. These writers had a significant influence on my way of thinking and working.

Subsequently, many years followed in which my inspiration came mainly from landscapes observed in countries through which I travelled - Australia, Mongolia, China - but also from Zeeuws Vlaanderen in the South of The Netherlands, where I had a small studio until 2008.

Now, in 2016, literature once more motivates me. The work by the German writer W.G. Sebald (1944-2001) incorporates so much to stimulate me. His observations, at times during short or long walks, often evoke associations referring to history and to climatological, geological, historical and personal conditions, and make the use of them inevitable.

It is obvious! For those of you who are acquainted with my work - once again I feel a strong affinity with a writer and plan to spend the coming time working in various techniques under the title After Sebald. You will not expect literal illustrations; Sebald offers me points of departure and impulses but the approach to my work will not change. During my travelling years, the landscapes I observed initiated my work, now Sebald's writings have the same purpose. I will travel as it were through that which he has written and there will find my inspiration.

Once again I hope that you will follow me on this new adventure.

Hans Landsaat, Autumn 2016


December 2016 - After Sebald

The Rings of Saturn: An English pelgrimage

De zuigkracht van de leegte, aquarel 2016 De loochening van de tijd, aquarel 2016 Flaubert en het zand, aquarel 2016 Verplaatsing van de nacht over de wereld, aquarel 2016 Op het strand bij Lowestoft, aquarel 2016

November 2016 - After Sebald

The Rings of Saturn: An English pelgrimage

Janine Dakyns' Flaubert, 2016 Zuigkracht van de leegte, 2016 In Lowestoft, 2016

January 2017 - After Sebald

Op de grens van ..., 2017 Loochening van de tijd, 2017